Mobile Health

Measure Health with mobile devices

Patients and professional can quickly, easily, but systematically assess and monitor (risk for) malnutrition and evaluate the effects of interventions with Pt-Global. The PG-SGA score triages for proactive (nutritional) interventions. The Scored Patient-Generated Subjective Global Assessment (PG-SGA) sets the standard of nutritional assessment. The PG-SGA is the preeminent interdisciplinary patient assessment (weight, intake, symptoms, functional status, disease state, metabolic stress and nutritional physical examination) in oncology and other chronic catabolic conditions. For 20 years, the PG-SGA is used internationally and has entered the digital world in 2014. Another example of measuring is Muclenorm. With this solution users can determine reference values, using different references, for the mucle power they can deliver.

Changing behaviour permanently by motivation optimalisation with HealthQuest

Helping pre-diabetic patients with permanent behavior change by offering feasible targets and the optimal use of their social environment. Plan and remind themselves about activities to be done and inform and reassure their immediate surroundings. The environment of the user, familie, friends, fellow-patients, but also health professionals can be invited to follow the progress in behaviour change and to help motivate the user. Feasible targets and useful knowledge and consults are offererd by a system based on AI algoritmes. Besides that the progress is measured automatically by reading sensor informaton from your smartphone. Combining knowledge on move, nutrition and motivation in the app with the aim to change behaviour permanent in a nice and easy way, that is HealthQuest Read more on

Knowledge exchange

Every day a medical innovation on your mobile phone which helps specialists in healthcare to stay informed about publications in the many medical journals. MediGrip is an example of this is.

In Medigrip, rehabilitation wide topics are offered as wel as Spiralcord medicin and Hand and Wrist topics.

An other contribution to knowlege sharing is the facilitation of a research wich gives more knowledge in serious complications afther cervicale manipulaties. The care giver can make registrations en notifications by Apps. With push messages reminders are send and the data is stored secure in the ICT environment of the research institute

Resources for the elderly

Elderly people or people with disabilities will have to live longer at home independently with help of volunteers and home care. For these people it is important that they feel safe and can easily trigger an alarm in undesirable situations. The Smartphone app ‘Movita” brings Mobile Health to the living room and  nursing homes. For more information visit (Dutch)

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