What we do

Mobile Health

Helping diabetes patients with permanent behaviour change by motivation optimalisation by HealthQuest. HealthQuest is stimulating to execute feasible activities and to inform, involve and confidence up your direct environment. Read more on www.healhquest-app.nl

Sound the alarm with our Movita solution, by pushing a button, trigger the alarm when not moving or wandering. Improving optimal diagnosing and treatment of (disease related) malnutrition, for example with patients with cancer, AIDS, trauma and lung and/or kidney disease using Pt-Global.

With the help of Musclenorm, measuring muscle reference values and with MCM facilitating a research for incident figures of serious complications of cervical manupilations. These are examples of projects that we completed or are working on.


Tizin offers organisations with Guard a mobile safety solution for lone workers who can fall into dangerous situations. This can be both physically and socially unsafe situations. A solution like this is also known as a Mandown solution.

Examples of physically unsafe situations are situations with employees who work alone and descent into wells to take watersamples, or employees who work alone with dangerous equipement.

Examples of socially unsafe situations are  situations with aggression of customers, citizens, organisations who need to be checked, etc.

With Guard, Tizin offers a solution for both kinds of unsafe situations on iOS, Android and Windowsphone.

You can get more information about Guard on our website www.guard-mandown.nl.



The mobile app for communities and churches. It offers one central place for the news, agenda and (social)media. With Socie everything is at hand: you can acces the app with one little touch. Socie brings your community closer to your members, and your members closer together.

For communities: Checking if there is a party tonight, or looking up someone’s adress? See at a glance what is being said abour your community on Facebook and Twitter? Checking the pictures of the game from last weekend? Automatic warnings with important announcements? For Churches: Checking who will lead the service this sunday or donate an offering for a charity. Other feature are Ask for assistance or read your bible in the App

With Socie you have all important information in one app on your own phone.

The Socie platform can be completely customised for your community. For churches socie has the brandname Scipio, for parishes MijnRKK and for sports ClubApp.

To make Socie even more valuable for its users partnerships have been made. For Churches with Scipio. For parishes with Docbase. For student communities with Congressus and for sports with All United.

More on www.socie.nl


Internet of Things

To signal, transport, present and report critical information. This can be the right working of thousands of public lightning masts or the monitoring of many installations which a company has installed on many differend locations. With the help of the Lora network it is possible to provide reliable information, over larges distances on low costs, about the correct working of many devices and installations. The design of our Guard-IOT solution is done in a manner, that the correct working of many different devices can be monitored and / or analysed. The provisioning of the information can be done in a manner with suits your work processes. So as administrator you are “alway in control’ of your devices in your preferred way of working.

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